my so called broken promise

you know what? waktu awal tahun gw buat macam resolusi, enough hooked with the line! being socmed whore I am, ini HARUS banget dikurang-kurangin! I have to cut it in certain level, ditch the Path, Instagram, Facebook, twitter, whatever! get your book back!!!!! read before you go to sleep. Udah sempet disindir dulu sama Fajrin 😀


Than I made a goal. this! from, 12 books this year! At least!


How does it goes so far?

BIG zero

honestly speaking, bukannya sok suci yaa…gw juga punya target bacaan kitab suci.

I failed both!

It’s march 2nd, 3 months has passed from the day I set my goal.

how many book that I’ve complete?



this how BORN to Run by Christopher McDougall look like!



and..I only read half of it!


.so ashamed so ashamed but I need you so!  Let’s make another promise again!

I’ve to finish these books by…hmm, May I guess!



anyway, new training plan coming up, will try to crush my Second Official Triathlon race!


Tapi gw udah malas duluan ih….aduh gimana ini


PS : the power of internet, si mister tukang seterikaan  yang gw ceritain dua post sebelumnya ternyata cakep lho..*wink wink*


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