and so…

remember opa Peter I wrote about last week, guess what! his son replied my email…

ish !!! he said he was IM 70.3 Zell am see finisher! *dan lalu gw googling emang ada tempat ya namanya Zell am see?*

Liat foto-foto kotanya aja gw udah kedinginan! *sroooot*

gw langsung search resultnya *ok Peter if you read this, sorry for being so kepoh * giling ih renang 1.9km aja bisa 30-mins something gitu.

oh, btw! you know what! I had my triathlon race yesterday! dimana? here!!! di Bintaro Kampung sendiri!!!!

yes, we (20 of us) had 1.5 km swim, terbagi dalam 2 kelompok, each pool held 10 athletes.

almost 41km bike (official OD is 40km) and 8.8 km of run (official OD is 10K).

bintaro5150_bikeleg5150_runlegfotografer di swim leg belum upload fotonya …sibuk kali…hihihihihihi.


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