consecutive leaves – Day 5

I was attening kiddo#1 class performance. it’s called Auliya Class Performance. This is her last year of doing ACP and she dance Aceh dance, Tari Saman. To my surprise, she’s the one who prepared her costume (in this case, the songket). oh ya, we browse my late mom’s Songket Collection days before though.


Later, she and her friends were ice skating in BXC. pre-teens these days, sepatu ama tas sekolah musti kudu sama cynnn…


After picking up her brother and cousin, I took a nap and prepared myself for my swimming course. OMGGGG

Rabu malam ini macetnya…..

God bles your soul,  Jakartan’s driver!!!! Gilaaa, dari bintaro 17.30 sampe PIM 7.15

Pulang jam 9 sampe bintaro 10-an lebih…oh my! Hidup PT. Kereta Api Indonesia lah 😀


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