Consecutive Leaves day 4

Guess what…
After dropping my kiddos and beberes rumah emerald (lagi), gw sama Vitri, Sinta dan Maya…











Ke IKEA (lagi) …hahahahhahahhaha
Agak lebih nyaman jadinya ngga buru buru. Apalagi sama emak-emak, terasa kompor yang perlu dinyalakan kompor yang engga, Tapi, rasa semua mau dibeli ya? Dan harga furniturenya affordable ya? Gw kira bakal mahal. i mean , cabinet yang gw beli di In***** jatuhnya lebih mahal.
Si sinta ngomel-ngomel beli tatakan piring lebih mahal dibanding Gi*** 😀

We also had lunch over there, I had Swedish Poached Salmon with Chive sauce. The fish is good! it only cost IDR 60K that served with mix veggie and mashed potato. I think it’s quite affordable, since similar size of raw salmon in H*** would cost up to IDR 50K.

After visiting Ikea, going back cleaning my house again until it’s time to pick up kiddos and son asked me to take them to pool. It’s been quite a while they didn’t go to pool since i was busy with that swimming course.

IMG_1700and I hit the bed afterwards ! 😀


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