Forever 28!!

9 years of blogging, I figured out that it’s a common thing people took a note at near the end of the year, near the first day of the year, or on their birthday. Since mine fell early of the year, let’s put those in one short note.

Browsing back my blog, it’s not always every year I wrote on a D-Date. Just a simple note that I longing to see/do/hear bla bla bla and the story goes….which probably make me smile years late. So here we go…

how I wish to

  • Look through the window, seeing a view like this, on journey that may take forever ;). I also wrote about it here.


  • have a picture of me taken in front of this house (again)


And what did I do to make those wishes come true?

zip, zero, nothing, nada!

Jahahahahhahhahah 😀 😀 😀

One of the hadist said tidak tertolak doa di kala hujan
So, whenever I walk under the rain, I ALWAYS mentioned the same do’a 🙂

Hopefully, soooooooner that ‘green card’ things! missed the submission date for this year –”

I was planning to have this week’s millage, the sum of my age.
I started running last Sunday for 10K.
Unfortunately, had my ankle hurt will be impossible for me to run.

so I rode my bike first thing in the morning on monday and Tuesday and intended to switch the last numbers by swimming :))

Too bad this moning was raining cat and dog.
So i just walk, re-activating my nike+ to earn this badge 😉


Post is set to be published in the T-time I was born at least, that what my birth certificate said 😀

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