the thoughtful ABG girl

Just to make story short…

recently one of BTR member organized a charity for Haiyan victims by us —  buying canvas tote bag worth IDR 75k each. I don’t have idea how much fund was raised.

ImageI got the bag shortly after I finished SCHM last weekend –  will (SURELY) post about this— :p

But anyway, as I brought this bag home, my daughter soon learn about what was printed on the tote bag.


She asked what was happen, which...(I know , my bad) I know nothing except the words “terrible typhoon” and many people killed.

Later she asked me “is Tante Grace oke?”

I was puzzled and asked who Tante Grace is? I have two Manado friends named Grace actually, but I’m pretty sure none of my kiddos have met them in person.

Yang kenalan di Legoland itu…”

Gee, I was surprised my daughter still recall Grace, the my-version-of-Dora-the-explorer Pinoy girl, I never thought about Grace and her friends when I heard about this news, since the only Pinoy  I know remember, Teacher Julie  lives in Manila.

I learned from that typhoon track quite far from Manila, and it shocked me it was closer to Cebu, where these ladies lives.

Oh My god, I really hope Grace and her friends (including the families) will be just fine. *amin* 😦

say a little of your  pray for Grace please…


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