race(s) recaps : Adidas KOTR and Ekiden Oto Group



Sunu-Jali-me – Vitri – nining

September 29th, 2013

Akhirnya, gw ngga jadi join the post-poned SCKLM Since it’s impossible for me to fly due to many reasons.

Fortunately, I’ve registered for the most famous race in this country and signed up for its signature distance — 16,8K that is and also mark as the third time I ran with my sister. She took 10K . Since the registration has closed about 2 weeks after it opened, I figured finding the best parking spot will be difficult. So, sister, Sunu- her next door and I took taxi to save our time.

What I like about this race, it really started on time. Yes, there was our anthem to be sing, speech (Indonesia banget!), a little warm up from a Celebrity Fitness Trainer, but on 5.30 am (for the 16.8k) the flag off. I thought the route would be exactly the same like last year. I was wrong :D.

But it is BSD anyway, mau kemana lagi sih! ๐Ÿ˜€

After getting out from Green Park Office, we made turn on the first traffic light, abis itu ke Jalan raya menuju ITC, tapi kerennya panitia, kan startnya pagi jadi ngga saingan sama truck. At about km 4 or something, someone who wore pink from head to toe greet meuni ya..?”

He? There’s always story to tell on each race ! ๐Ÿ˜€ .

It was Manda, a daughter in law from the famous pendidik negeri ini who also a teacher, who befriended with my sister. She saw me on Mapala UI HM 5 months ago but too shy to say hello! Muka ngeri nyeremin kali ya… hahahah. So starting from that km, we ran together. Karena gw hobi ngoceh seneng aja ada yang mau denger. Hahahahaa. We ran until km 9 or or so, Manda fell on previous Tuesday, thus her knee still hurt. So, I ran alone for the rest kms.

IMG_4444Caki tag me on FB, didn’t know where he get it. Meters before the finish line. Thank you, who ever you are ๐Ÿ˜€

There were 3 check points between km 5- km 6, between 8-9, and +/- km 12. I only bring 2 dates and eat one during the race. I lost my Gu gel. Arghh…! On the last kms, I drank a lot. My gosh, it was hot and I wasn’t well hydrated.

Bagusnya sih weeks before long race gini, kita banyak makan buah-buahan.

In short, last year it took 1:21:43 for me to complete the 10K race (that is 8’30’ average pace) now it took 2:17:46 ( 8’11’ average pace) to complete 16.8km! A happy overweight slow runner!



Me, holding medals on 2012 KOTR :

IMG_0385Me with Adidas KOTR 2013 medals

IMG_4428Ada perbedaan? *halah*

October 6th 2013 Oto Group Ekiden Race For Share 2013

Copy paste-ing from Om Wiki, Ekiden (้ง…ไผ?) is a term referring to a long-distance relay running race, typically on roads.The Japanese term originally referred to a post-horse or stagecoach which transmitted communication by stages.

On this Ekiden, the 20km distance will be divided by 4 legs, so each of us ran for 5 km. On which UNFORTUNATELY, I was the last runner. *haaaddeeezigh!!!*

Lokasi Lomba? BSD maning….BSD maning =)). Lomba ini diadakan oleh Oto Finance . Sekalian CSR grup perusahaan ini, karena setiap team yang berhasil menyelesaikan lomba dalam waktu kurang dari 3 jam akan dapat bonus IDR 1 mio yang akan disumbangkan ke Palang merah Indonesia. Katanya sih, tahun lalu sudah ada acara ini, tapi khusus internal mereka, baru tahun ini mengundang stakeholder mereka yang lain.

Sebelnya….gw mati gaya! ngga kenal siapa-siapa (kecuali tim kantor, in which, I can’t speak Japanese either) . podowae….

IMG_4495Andi, Mizuno-san, Hashimoto- san – Beyonce Kw 3 before the race

Jadi kita lari bawa pita biru yang diselempangkan di Andi, terus pelari 1 lari sejauh 5 km, balik ketitik awal, gantian pita birunya dipake pelari berikutnya. Bib kuning untuk pelari pertama, hijau untuk kedua, biru untuk ketiga dan ungu untuk pelari terakhir. Acaranya sih, tepat jam 6. Tapi ya itu…gw nunggunya lama gara2x Melati salah daftarin nama. ๐Ÿ˜€

Gw lihat banyak runner pertama (bib kuning) yang terlambat. Hadeh, kasihan teman-temannya tuh!

Pas lagi nunggu di arena pertukaran pelari, sempat ngenalin Silvi, dulu ngeblog juga, tapi gw lupa nama blognya. Ada yang tau ngga sih? nama anaknya Azka dan punya dua adik. Blio nge blog dah lama juga nih, tapi ganti2x URL mulu, ngga ngikutin lagi gw.Sempat ngobrol sebentar.

While mati gaya gitu, agak sebel juga ama peserta lain…banyak yang ngerokok ngga liat tempat. Bingung nyari tempat nunggu gw. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But, fortunately, these 3 gentleman are fast runner, it only took 25 mins for Andi to complete his race, about the same with Mizuno and Hashimoto. Jadi gw baru mau ke toilet udah dipanggil nomor gw. hahhahah

Rutenya keluar Green Park office itu ke kanan, terus saja sampe lampu merah kedua belok kiri dan putar balik sekitar 1 km kemudian. Ada 1 water station yang….pas gw sampe sana airnya habis donk…donk..donk! Luckily, I prepared my own drink!

It was over 7:30 am, very hot, I ran the best I can. During the ran and had made my turn, I saw some blue bib runners. Ish, kasihan pelari terakhir kalau gitu!

My nike app was messing around again it only recorded 4.75 km with 7’26” pace. Wow!!!! Udah macam neraka gitu kali ya… hahahha Tumben gw cepat. (gw average pace 8min/km) ๐Ÿ˜€

IMG_4497us, after the race! Andi dah pulang ada keperluan. Muka gw macam negro gitu ๐Ÿ˜€

Ngga lama gw balik, pas di mobil masih lihat banyak yang baru mulai. Kebayang panas dan gersangnya? Ah, all the best lah!


So, this race will be the last debut for my Asics GT 2170 which I bought last year. Based on Nike app, it had run for 600 km. Mungkin lebih, karena pas di Bromo kemarin ngga dapat signal, cuma ke record 1.68 km.

After 5 10km races, One – 5km race, One – half marathon race and the last is Ekiden race and countless practices, thank you for serving me so well!

Gw mungkin masih mau pakai 1-2 kali latihan lagi sih :D.

Idealnya sepatu lari diganti setelah 300 – 400 mil. (480 km – 640 km) , other way you may get injured,

IMG_4509Adayang mau nemenin gw beli sepatu?



11 thoughts on “race(s) recaps : Adidas KOTR and Ekiden Oto Group

  1. Aku masih belum sanggup bangun pagi nya ihik3x, padahal persiapan matang sekali. Sempet beli sepatu baru, celana baru, kaos baru tujuan nya buat lari ikut car free day. Tapi saat hari yg di tunggu, gw malah masuk selimut ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. gue gue gue!!!!
    eh sebenernya gue sih butuh ditemenin lo beli sepatu hahaha..
    sepatu yg dulu gue beli itu ntah kenapa bikin kaki lecet.
    ish, ga keren banget kaki gue. masa lecet hara2 sepatu olahraga?

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