UBL run

my 6th 10K race

And every race has it’s own story even though the course was similar since this is my 3rd time done a race in Bumi Serpong Damai πŸ™‚

Because this was my first 10K race with my sister.
Arrive approx 5.30 and i was surprise no car parked outside the office. Seems there weren’t many participants.

Start slightly after 6, flag off and there we go…
Similar route with SCHM last November.
And as I expected, between the mamak lenje I was the last in line πŸ˜€
Even my sister run almost 1km in front of me.
Since not so many people running, I get bored :)) nothing much to see (or to talk with)

i ran my pace, sometimes pushing a little bit hard whenever i saw “water station 200m ahead
Gee, i brought my self a bottle but keep thirsty all the time. I even ate banana which was provided by the EO before the race. Feel a bit hungry even though i had bowl of cereal before.

There, even I was the last to touch the finish line, I was surprised when I was about to turn off my Nike+ application


yihaaaa! Sub 8′ ! Another PB
i shoved 6 mins from last week race!

A happy-over weight -slow runner!


with my sista! Tinggal nyeret adek bungsu gw!


With the lenje-mamaks-bintaro-runners πŸ™‚

mbak Nining tiarambak ira – sikiky – sista

Oh, there’s a funny story. Before the race I saw Mbak Ira was talking with someone, she was kind of overweight. She said she’d be the “bebek”, or the last participant :D. During the race, I sawΒ  she was behind me…and I guess she was behind me all the time ….until it was near the finish line! She passed me! ooo…emm…geee…

We made conversation after that, she was Yanti (or so..), an Indonesian who lived in US all of her life which made her speak like Cinta Lawrahhh. I told her that it was a nice job that she passed me 20 meter before finish line, she answered

“You’d motivated me! I saw you in front of meΒ  all the time during the race. Thank you ” #okesip :)).

We took picture after that, but it was on her camera. Gee...kapan lagi ketemu nona satu itu, ya?

There you go…my 6th medal, 5th medal from a-10K-race


PS : UBL = Universitas Budi Luhur…in case you all wondering

14 thoughts on “UBL run

  1. Eh aku tadi pagi, ikutan car free day di bunderan HI. Tapi ngak ikutan lari, kita wisata kuliner meskipun pake atribut lengkap kayak orang niat olah raga hahaha πŸ™‚

  2. Hai Kiky salam kenal, selama ini udah baca tapi yang ini asli gak nahan mau komen karena ngakak yang kau jadi inspirasi lari si newbie dr Amerika hahahahah.

  3. gue kira Yanti itu temen ira… hihihi dia rada pede waktu gue bilang, dont worry, we’re all slow yet happy runners…
    gue mau posting foto di fb, gagal muluuu…

  4. Yes, I was wondering, thanks for the hint tante hehe.

    Btw, I thought the point of running with your sister means she will accompany you from start to finish line. It’s not like that ya πŸ˜€

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