My 4th 10k race

Yehaaa! Another race held by IM road runner. It has been 5 months since my last 10K race.

mbak nining and I Picked up the race pack yesterday at the venue, it was new for me that the chip should be tied at your shoes instead of glued to bib as usual.


Considering we were to lazy to drive we decided to hire a cab. by 5.15 am after droping off my kiddos at my sister’s house, picked up Mas eri, an ex colleague of mine, off we went to Lippo Mall kemang, arrived shortly before 6 am. They said no car allowed to enter the venue after 6…neah….!
The lobby was packed with people and cars! Not too convenient.
Said hi (sok akrab tea) with some runners we usually met at the race, met luthfi and chica as well. They said flag off was at 6.30 am, turns out not until 6.50 am the race start.


The route was running to the main enterace (of the mall), turn right where— as I expected — was disturbed by the ignorance of homo neandhertal Jakartan drivers who love to blow their horn instead of waiting patiently for 5 mins only! The route wasn’t steril at this part that I ran besides motorcycles and cars!!!!
but I saw few of them being chased and stopped by the police! egois banget ya!

Make a turn at the nearest intersection, where there was a mosque at the corner, then we ran up to Antasari Flyover! Aheyyy nanjak…!!!
But I love it!

The Sky was clear that i think i saw either gunung Salak or Gunung gede. When I was at 2 or 3 km, i saw elite runners had made a turn! Bah!


And along Antasari flyover, there were no water stations (or so I thought, i am a slow runner that turn out they ran out of aqua and mizone!) thanks God I brought my hand held Bottle from Nathan. There were no kilometer markers either except for 4km and 7 km.
Made a turn in km 4, downhill, made a turn (again running with asap knalpot…zzzz ) and back to lippo mall kemang.
And guess what…they ran out of Mizone as well at finish line!! Bweuh….

I met a senior in my graduate study after finish line that she told me there’s free flow Milo udah deh gw anteng aja disitu
Then I met Ninie Mulyadi, one of the Full marathon winner at Allianz penang marathon last november also brand ambasador for Garmin. When i saw her last march on BIS race, she also wore Garmin Shirt.
She was very friendly and humble

We Made short conversation where she told us a bit about her upcoming races not only running but dual and triatlon as well (mendadak lutut gw sakit dengernya) 😀


And yay…another medals 🙂


Ps: don’t think i made PB but… That’s fine with me yang emang banci medal :p


32 thoughts on “My 4th 10k race

  1. Jadi penasaran pengen lihat bentuk dirimu sekarang:))
    Rajin benar mommy 2 K, itu loe tiap minggu ke senayan gitu? *pengsan duluan ngebayangin ke senayan*
    Gue malas banget, padahal udah diancem mas iwan supaya olahraga, apalagi gue kebanyakan duduk. Gue ngelesnya, kan tiap pagi sore udah nyapu dan ngepel rumah 😀

  2. Tali sepatu nya OK banget IJO DANGDUT …… Gw baru mau beli sepatu buat lari ini, mudah2an awal yg baik untuk gw olah raga.

    Kmrn sempet liat2 di sport stations tp blm ada yg cocok, cari yg high heels 7cm #ngacauKaburrrrr

  3. waaahhh latihan lari menanjak nya untuk ini ya ky?

    itu sepatu, gw pikir masih baru. kok masih ada tag harga. ternyata ID peserta yak?

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