Self thought

Tonight, I had my first night swimming since over 7 years ago when I still pregnant with Kiddo#2. Not 20 laps back and forth like I used to, the other side of the pool was used by a diving club *and they look cool, gila pengen belajar diving juga gw jadinya*.

It does release my tense to cope with today mess. After 20 mins or so, I let my body floated on the water and stared at the sky…it felt good for a moment

But I wish Jakarta’s night sky as beautiful as Penanjakan’s night sky when I visited Bromo.

One can only dream..

dan saya (masih) sakaw liburan!

picture taken from somewhere…


18 thoughts on “Self thought

  1. Having d(r)iving licenses are still my dream to catch :d still happy with only snorkeling on the sea, but one day i should have it. 🙂

    Why not get one, tante? 😉

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