book review : After Dark

the 5th  Haruki Murakami books I bought, the third that  I read until finish 😀

a little preamble :  When I was little, my parent had me and my sister sleep in the same room…in the same bed. When we grew up and they renovated part of the house, so that each of us could have individual bedroom, we still opt to share the bed room. We’d like to spent night sharing stories literally about everything before fell asleep. No wonder I get along with her friends and the other way around. Anyway, I was the messy one, she is the opposite 🙂 I didn’t care my hair do, while she’s the one who had her hair colored at first. I tried new things, she was “penakut” one .I crashed my parents car at the age 15 ( yeah!!!) , she started driving in her late 20’s. That kind of stuff :)) . Taking an account as the older one, I played the big sister role, the one who protect my little sister.  Nevertheless, we fought a loooootttt of time! the cat and mouse type! but anyway, siapa sih yang ngga berantem sama sibblingnya? :p

She pursued her undergraduate study in Depok and decided to stay in boarding house, jadi anak kos! We still lived in Jakarta Barat back in those year.s I think, that was the first time, for quite a long time we didn’t share bed. Every time I woke in sudden due to bad dream, in dark, I looked for my sister’s hands and feel relief. One day, when she was away (stayed in Depok) , I woke up due to a nightmare then tried to find my sister hands, but surely couldn’t find it. My eyes burst to a little tears, I missed my little sister =)).

afterdark2Back to  Murakami’s book then. This is story about Mari, who spent night at family restaurant namen Denny’s. Then she met Takahashi, a trombone player and shared table. Takahashi befriended  with Eri and once had crush on her. Eri is Mari big sister. Takahashi reminded Mari that they have met before in a failed double date. Mari recalled the moments.

Then conversation grows between Mari and Takahasi, and even in a reluctant, Mari shared that she didn’t really get along with Eri. As younger one, Mari could be anything she wants, because her big sister has fulfilled the parents dreams. Mari put her softball cap most of the time, while Eri doing modelling in her spare time. They had really different character even though raised in the same way. Later, after Mari and Takahasi-san were apart, Mari helped Kaoru, Takahashi’s friend in Kaoru’s love hotel.

There was also a part that Eri now, in deep sleep. Just sleep. For months. Just like coma. Readers just had to play their imagination in this part. Nearly dawn, Mari met Takahashi again and they had deep coversation mostly about Eri. In the morning, Mari went home, which she rarely did, and jumped to Eri’s bed, crying. Yes, this 200’s- page- book took place  from late at night until early in the morning. 12 hours time frame or so.

I think  Murakami’s work always let his readers to interpret the story by themselves. This is my take on this book : not only mother & daughter soul are inseparable, sisters does as well!  Sometimes, it might stronger than it is to their mother. So mothers out there, who have only one daughter, bikin lagi adiknya gih….hahahhahah *just kidding*

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