Race story : SCHM 2012

4 november 2012, BSD

Ruthy was right! Running is addicting =))

My 3rd 10k race :). I picked up the race kit on Friday and use the T-shirt for my morning practice the following day. Thus, I’ll get used to the shirt and avoiding the itchy you might have when you wear new clothes. I learn this from Fairy blog, never use ANY of your new running things/gears on the race!

Off to BSD, the same venue with AdidasKOTR with Mbak nining and Fajrin, arrived at about 5 am. Unlike last September, Mr Sun had rise. I dropped of my bag then queuing for…. Portable toilet! i hate using portable toilet actually, but can’t help it! i remember i didn’t pee at home

Flag off was 15 mins late, so our turn was at 6 am. We had time to take pic of us before the race;). being over PD i am, i asked random person to.


Later, during the race the guy who took our picture ran in front of me and written on his shirt that he is HIV positive!  live life the fullest Ojon!

There was I running slowly as usual, let mbak nining passed me :))
At about 750m i was a bit pissed off. Since sun comes early nowdays, the temperature get hot early as a subsequent!
I cursed the t shirt as well as the sleeves! It seems they caught the heat! Then i curse my Reebook pants! I should have wore my Nike dri fit pant on which i wore on my previous races! gara2x komennya si mulut silet dana gw sempet mikirin wardrobe buat running if i have to wear the same wardrobe as my first 10 K race which was much comfortable…well be it! paling jilbabnya gw bedain! I rolled up the sleeves feel showing my arm up until elbows *maafkan sayah wahai polisi syariah*
And also…as usual, i cursed why I’m doing this?– macam orang ngga ada kerjaan aja— Hahaha. Reading nannor blog and Adhy , I guess some runners “chanting” this during the race ;)!!

Since the temperature was slightly high, I got thirsty easily that I regret i didn’t take my fuelbelt with me!
I had many cups of water before the race start actually, but id doesn’t keep me hydrate…
Being bitchy I am, I couldn’t find any marker…i’m soooo longing for water station. But the good thing was, the route was similar to AdidasKOTR ..or that was what I thought…jadi gw bisa kira kira dimana water station

I took 3 cups of water on the first water station. minutes later, based on Nike Running application on my iphone about 4’skm, I saw those Kenyan runner had made a turn! Oh my…kaki pake per apa ya…mereka ambil 21km loooohhh *amazed*

On the second water station, I took a bottle of mineral water, drank it sip by sip, on the third water station…I took another bottle…yes!!! I was thatttt thirsty !!!!
And err, the route was slightly different, for km 7 and above. there was no check point either! i wonder why…

And hey…i saw mbak nining! She was walking because she had problem with digestive system and less likely to use the portable toilet :)) She was running almost 1km in front of me actually.
So we finished the race together! I also saw nindya and Boy during the race.

After stretching, I saw my dad and my son! Surprise :))


Oh, when i had my banana from Sunripe, a woman came to me and ask to take a pose of me eating their product! Being kemho I am that was penyaluran narsis gw 😉

And hey, the famous Teh ninit recognized me since i said Hi to her on previous races! Very humble celebrity! ngga nyesel gw beli semua bukunya :))


Later we ate all the free fruits from Sunripe! Man…those are delicious, nenas, jambu dan melonnya manisss

Mbak nining also bought belt from Sukaoutdoor, off we go to finish line waiting for Fajrin!
At finish line i saw those 21k finishers with many touching moment. A man probably get cramp on his left feet, he was hopping to finish his race!! Luar biasa! A another man took his son, turn  out it was adhy, my friend from my MT year back in my previous bank.
We were talking about Indra as well, as he was mbak nining’s junior in chemical engineering UI, seconds later…I saw Indra trying his best to finish the race! It was a hallmark moment for 21K finishers!!!? Really…! *snif snif* kayaknya ntar ntar aja dah ambil 21k, jadi ngga PD :p

I never met Pak Indra on previous races , too many people I guess

Finally…after almost 3 hour fajrin finished his 21K !!! Ckckxkckkc…congrats though, he was walking from Km 15 since the weather was too hot.

Well, i had fun with my race though 🙂 nice medal don’t you think?


What i like less about this race besides the markers is, the check points..less photographers! Bweuh. i couldn’t do what Nannor said here 😉
Ps : kemho is a new vocab I learn from her.

Update: couldn’t fine my name on the list :(( i was running between mbak nining and nindya… Nama mereka ada arghhhhh

Second update: my name on Male List…wakakakkakakkk…1hr 28:28, 4 mins slower than Mandir4nation —  i don’t know why this (on Male list) thing happen…bweuh….

2 thoughts on “Race story : SCHM 2012

  1. Teh Ninit Yunita tante? Uwow, love her books. 🙂

    Happening banget nih ya kayaknya lari marathon sekarang2 ini hehe

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