Second 10km race

This morning i did another 10km running race. Things popped up in my mind, this wasn’t my second race like I’d thought so. I had my first when I was in 6th grade around Kebun jeruk area ( run in front of RCTI TV station) :)) may be that was about 3km or so.

Anyway, i pickup the race pack on Thursday night after office. Rain poured moderate, but it was uncomfortable walking in the rain. When I arrived at Assembly Hall there came another drama, the EO wasn’t well prepared. No T-Shirt available! grrrr….! However, I went home with running bibs only. I asked Kak Mar to picked up the T-shirt for me the following day, she didn’t get the T-shirt either! D’oh! I also read about this t-shirt chaos in indorunner FB group.


This morning I left home at about 5.00 am and Kevin already woke up so he took me to JCC Senayan. I was in doubt whether EO provide Drop Bag station considering the miss organized T-shirt distribution… well, fortunately they did.
Later I was queuing to pick up my T-shirt with only left us size M and L … poor you guys,even M size was too tight for me.

Met Kak Mar and Chica, then we proceed to start line where the crowds are. I also met Rizky, RM on my previous company who is a veteran runner. Rizky was the one who recommended me to join indorunner group. Well, to make story short, there i was running with Kak Mar who faithfully ran beside me. Sincere pacer. :p We passed Jembatan Semanggi, my office building, there was downhill (yay!) in front of Wisma BNI 46, turn around in Landmark Building and back heading Semanggi (it was the first check point at 4km), passing by my previous company, turn around at Tugu Patung Pemuda Membangun (bunderan Senayan, or so people called), second check point was in front of Ratu Plaza or about 8,5km. 750 m before finish line, kak Mar said good bye, she’d like to take my picture at finish line =)) . It was a car free day route, surely wasn’t sterile since many bikers passed by.

At about 5km or so, a guy passed me and greeted me “hi! mbak kiky ya?” I was puzzled and gave him “do-I-know-you look?” He smiled, waved his hand and gone. Fast runner! Turn out it was Fajrin! hahahahha…never met him in person before. Wonder how he recognize me from the back. Then I remember I post what to wear for tomorrow race at my Instagram account (lebay juga sik lo ky…..segala di pamerin :p )

I think after 30 mins after the race, we headed home. Owh, we also got E-toll from the bank who sponsored this event. I had 50% discount on registration fee since I paid with the sponsored bank’s credit card and with the e-toll card with IDR 50K balance, think it was a free run =)).

My next agenda is UI10K, but I think I’m gonna pass on this one. this event was supposed to be held on June, Then Race against cancer in the next two week. I’d registered this one as well for 10K, but I am thinking of taking my kiddos with me, so I’ll buy 5km tickets for us. Anyone interested running with my 10km ID?

here’s the flickr album

update: result chip time 1:24:04, 1 min longer than #adidasKOTR2012 :)) will cut them back in Nov 4th


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