book review : Battle Hyme of The Tiger Mother

by Amy Chua

as many (indonesian) mommies talked about…

Dear Amy Chua, if you ever read this entry…tell Sophia an Lulu how lucky they are, because…somehow I saw part of my mother on you 😉 *and I guess, most indonesian do*.

breath taking I told you, a memoir from the writer…pertentangan batin beliau mendidik kedua puterinya, made them playing piano (Sophia) and violin (Lulu) because this music  is sophisticated. It amazed me how Amy never let any single day, without both girls playing the instrument even in their owh well hold your breath….  vacation… abroad ! no jet lag allowed!

Lulu would brought the violin with her while Amy would borrow hotel’s piano, and sophia would practice piano first thing in the morning (yeaa ha….6 am!) or late in the evening after city tour perhaps?

of course, Amy’s strict parenting has an affect, how people think she’s crazy, which carried out many arguments with her parents and husband. See, no sleep over, no cruising the mall, no this no that…things she not allowed her daughters to do which was common for girls at their age!

Also the part when Amy refused the birthday card from Lulu, karena kartu itu asal jadi ! She said :” I don’t want this. I want a better one- one that you’ve put some thoughts and effort into”

Amy was a Havard graduate and teach law that she also had a very busy day, run here between home, dropping daughters to school, her university, pickup kiddos again to their les musik…and still…siapin latihan matematik untuk anak2xnya. gee…

Anyway, abis baca buku ini, as stated on my tumblr, I feel I’m too loose on raising up my kiddos, yet impatient at the same time. well, i won’t adopt amy’s parenting style  😉 , tapi gue suka persistent-nya dia dalam raising up her daughter. Ini yang harus ditiru…dan itu yang dilakukan ibu gue waktu adek gue yang cowok grade-nya jelek gara2x sibuk turnamen  basket!

Anyway, as stated on the last sentence of the book Stay tune for who wins that one, I hope there will the sequel 😀


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