a good deed ?

neah, this  is just my insane, useless, rambling.

A man I know via  blog post a journal that he wanted a journalism book so bad. He’s been trying to save his money for …like four months.  He wrote some of his wishlist as well. well, if  i’m not wrong, he just finished his under graduate study, no permanent job yet, but  i think he is a free lance writer that some of his writings were published in (his hometown) local newspaper.

Anyway, i always have soft spot to babies and books (lebay!!! :D). His wishful book was kinda expensive for him. Well, as a matter of fact, in only cost me a cup of Cream Bruele Machiato. So i told him I’ll buy the book for him, but he has to be patient since … the book  is hard to find. even my favorite  online book store doesn’t have one, but the OLS could find one for me. Also, I bought him another book from his wishlist (yang ini jujur aja, gue cari yang paling murah) hahahahha…

Surely he was surprised and thanked me… he wish the best for me lah that someday my good deed will be paid. told him i wasn’t expecting anything…i feel like buying him books that he wants. if only he knows that i declare bankruptcy every time I went to Gramedia with my kiddos since now, they both literate. *ngga tega aja ya boooo, wong tuh buku2x emamg selesai  dibaca  kok, sampe tukeran segala sama kakak sepupunya dan kak lily tetep aja kurang bacaan*

But, hey, some of my friend did stuff like this to me as well. Like my friend De, she would give me a call while every now and then when  i was busy munching and without basa basi “eh, loe mau warna apa? merah ato pink?” I went like “huh?”. Or  Jo who always bought me let see…those  Disney stuffs from HK, or USS, or US Nagoya, or those fridge magnet from Abey Road (and hey, if you read my blog, I need Ringo, Paul and George to accompany John on my fridge!)  — even I didn’t ask for it (mind  the last sentence, I STILL demand R, P and G)

or one of the big boss in my previous company gave me a call and (with out basa basi juga)booo, ukuran kaki elu apa neh?” when he was abroad for a business trip. I didn’t ask him to buy me the shoes, he just feeling like buying one for me and his subordinate. the shoes weren’t expensive (considered to his level :p) but his thought that counts. he managed his time to browse those shoes that scattered on the racks and figured out which style suit me.

y’ think so?

Well, anyway, I hope the online store could get the book. He wants it so bad…seems he’d be serious on this journalism activities. well, good luck for you! I’ll hope I see your name on national newspaper, bro!


4 thoughts on “a good deed ?

  1. Jadi inget tuh waktu tiba2 De telpon: mau warna apa? Hah, heh, hoooh. Dan dia bilang kiky mau warna ini, kak injul warna ini. Wew…. 😀

    Ehm, kalo gw sih ky, sering juga gitu. Eh, kalo di busway keliatan banget malah. Pas gw ngasih tempat duduk, gak lama berdiri pasti ada aja tempat duduk buat gw. Yg dikasih lah, atau ada yang turun. 😀

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