this is just for fun

well, I made the so called resolution on other blog which apeareantly continue-ing last year’s resolutions hiihhiihhi 😀 or, since actually i never made one, let say…wish list? 😀

Anyway, since more savvy is part of the resolution/wishlist I think I should put many2x things  down on buying stuff.. =))

Let see how I spent my money last year on…

1. Women’s stuff (shoes, bag, clothes, make up)

Last year until Q3 2011  I only bought 1 big Harrods Bag (for half price of course :p) , 1 sandal from Vinci ( both from my MY trip early last year),  1 Cath Kidston bag , *errr, don’t know why…I’m into this plastic bag, enough space to carry all my stuffs and strong*, 1 vest sweater from Banana Republic,  1 kain sasirangan for  top sewed, 2 different size Longchamp bags  and 2 pairs of jeans. *1 pair is too small, I gave it to my sister 😀 * see…I have no new shoes but bought many2x things for hijab such as pashmina as well as the inners.  hahahha… The salon and make up things aren’t really on my consumption, yet I did buy a lot  the last 3 months *don’t why, I’m into coloring my face lately :D*

2. Gadget

I trade off  the old Ipod Gen 3 with the latest one (now it is broken 😦  ), its younger brother and , a multi purpose  printer  (it was for my dad). and also trade off my mobile phone. Later, I bought a Sony Ericson for the corporate number GDM later bought Samsung (since, firstly,  I prefer a qwerty  keyboard, yet, it didn’t work out either between me and samsung, had Samsung sold for 70% off to my office boy :D)  Seems gadget things is on the top of my consumption (ah, ya…the new laptop since my Acer went down for the second time again!!!!)

3. Traveling

I only had 1 local trip last year (exclude the MY trip since it was budgeted the previous year)… bad.. bad… bad!

4. books and magazines 


Nearly the end of 2011, I bought another 2 pairs of jeans, 3 kain batik tulis sewed , 1 top office attire and….had  ordered 1 medium bag from Coach. #meh #mewantpinkbag #had one pink Guess sandal for my birthday from my colleagues

Anyway, I read from those financial planner’s journal that investment should be 30% of your income… hmmm…Currently, I think I only save 10%-15% from my income, this should be fixed! I’d drew down (almost) all my saving deposit and convert them with mutual fund, signed in for two online investment banks and began to buy gold bar as well.

I don’t have debt though (oh yes, I have one, my Burgundy’s installment) , i do grocery with credit card but settled all the obligations with in  the due date. My attitude towards buying stuff should be fixed. So I guess, here are my resolutions or…called it wishlist for personal finance is :

  • no new gadget, include the trade off Apple product (which usually happens during  Indocomtech :p) until I have enough fund for my daughter’s Junior High  school enterence fee. She’s now on her second grade, but I think this is important to have all the fund ready at least on the first day of her 6th grade. *in case you are wondering, I’d have different accounts for their high school and colleges* 😉
  • Hmmm… new lens for stage performance is acceptable though *the source of fund is clear though , had one  saving deposit will be due this February and the amount is oke lah, …*
  • No more pair of jeans (of course) lipstick, eyeshadow ,blush on sampe semua habis 😀
  • Hmmm, how is it? 2 pairs of shoes still oke ?  and 1 black tote bag for office. The zipper of the old black tote bag is broken. How about that, oke?
  • Books, novels and comics are obviously apart on this savvy project (agree?)

Anyway, am not being hard on my self right? or too loose? share yours!


4 thoughts on “this is just for fun

  1. Mine :
    1. Women`s stuff : last year just bought some new clothes and 2 pairs of shoes..But, they weren’t branded stuff and not expensive, so it doesn’t count as one of big spending money, I think..:)
    2. Gadget : bought BB last year after lots of thought and so many comments from my friends that made me had to buy it 😀
    3. Traveling : Went to Malaysia, Singapore, and Aceh 🙂
    4. Books : Bought 3 travelling books in order to achieve my dream this year to go to the land of the rising sun..So I guess, this year my finance resolution is to prepare some money to go there (^_^)

    ==> kalo pulang kampung lagi ikut deh, hahahhaha….semoga tercapai traveling ke Jepangnya…pas gue business trip aja, bisa hemat kamat #eh? Amin to that as well…ihhihihi

  2. […] resolusi belanja mah cepet ya…sebulan juga belum lewat *nunduk*. masih eforia kantor baru, gue bingung perlu ato engganya gue bersepatu kinclong. Biasa gue pake sepatu flat shoes buluk banget gue naik kereta. Berhubung sepatu bakal dibuka depan musholla *ada mushola langsung tempat wudhu ngga kek dulu musti wudhu di toilet terus pake sendal basah2xan ke musholla* gue agak minder sepatu lama gue (dah 2,5 tahun) mulai buluk . […]

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