last day in 2011

this is the last day of 2011 jauh dari penting stories. I played a visit to De‘s house, there were ragil, kak indah and Diaz when I got there. They wanted to make an event yet gue cuma jadi tim huru hara. While they were discussing many things, I spent the noon by tidur2x ayam getooo…. Udara mendung mengundang sekalee….and I guess my body system in not good after all. I yawn and exhausted easily.De made a lot of dishes, from brownies to fruit salad,  from es lidah buaya to ah….banyaklah, while Fitra made delicious garlic bread. 🙂

Hours later when (i think) they had done with the discussion, all went home and De played a short visit to our tiny house before her spouse picked them up (De and her cute daughter).  Moments before, Mbak Nining gave me a call. Some anak Multiply were visiting her house including mbak Arie the so called presiden MP. When I got there some of them were heading home, but I got a chance to meet Mbak Maya in person. Had known her for a while through ngempi and new friend mbak Ira. Mbak NIning often talk about mbak Ira since they were doing many holiday trip together. I think that latest was Kiluan  . Again, being good chef she is, she made a loooottt of delicious dishes from Bakso, Nasi Uduk, Telor Panggang, as well as the snack from pudding, lupis ahh…I can’t tell *mind the big tummy*

Shortly after magrib, I took Mbak Arie and mbak maya to Sudimara Station since mbak arie would take KRL to her house in Depok while mbak maya lives near by.

See, through blogging, I had my stomach full without cooking… 😀 😀 😀

Anyway, i spent the last night with my favorite hobby, sleeping… 😀

when I woke up, a dear of mine sent me this

Cute isn’t it?

Happy New year my blog  readers… 🙂

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