dear namira and story of a boy

Dear Aldina Shelma Namira,

Hi baby, how are you? How does it go now? Your life will be a lot different from now on.

I guess you’ll be no more “little wuffie”.  your days would be tough 😀

Yet, in your early time all you have to do is CRY! 🙂

Yes, am pretty sure you’ll give your mama a hard time, but she’ll cope with it.

Well, I wish, as you grow older, you’ll be as sweet as your mama.

She’s one of the remarkable, kindhearted  person I know.

And thank you for “listening” to me while you were in womb :p

As you grow older, with this and that, may be there’ll a time when your mama and papa whisper

“cepat besar Namira”

I’ll share you a story

while tug my son  to bed, I had pillow talk with my son. And oh, btw, he’ll be six next month.

His asked me a lot, from those vampire and zombies whether those two things did exist, money for Hewan Qurban and why do we have to buy a hewan qurban, his school, his friends, his teachers, and else.

I realized he learned a lot of things lately,

I told him if he wants anything just ask me.

things happen lately, he had accepted what happend to him (us) and might happend later when things might be a little different.

As he closed his eyes, seconds before fell asleep,  after Doa Sebelum Tidur, I kissed him.

“Take your time baby…don’t grow old so fast” :p

So dear Namira,

when you mama said

“c’mmon Namira, you’re big girl now”  when you’ll  try to put your pjamas on by yourself

being drama queen she is, I bet she didn’t mean to :p



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