down on my knee

When the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray.

That was a quote from Assad, the famous author of Notes From Qatar (ini tiap blio bikin quote bagus ato update blognya gue langsung nglus2x kepala kiddo#2, moga2x gede kayak gini ya dek :p )

Anyway, the quote just suit my life lately…hard to explain, my  life ain’t  for disclosure.

Recently i found an ugly truth about some colleagues, nope, ain’t good. But later i emphasize things that I tweeted sometime ago, I had zero level of trust to people. with ugly thing happened to me lately , opening my eyes which friend worth to keep, which worth to kick 😀

a week later, I found out another truth. it just silly  for those two people who smile while riding on hump, yet on the other hand, the person who sit on the right ain’t care about what is going on! share your wide smile to the whole world and there was a baby cry on one corner of this world, miles away from you.

Don’t know what was on your mind, dear ! you may go for a holiday, a trip to the moon and back i don’t care, but, settle your obligation first! gosh, disrespect  you even more!

as soon as I finished with these mess, I’ll fly to BLI and you will find me jumping to this sea.

in a medium to high can reduce this tense…

ah, I need a black hobo bag!


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