my first Jambi trip


honestly, born and raise in Sumatera Island until my kinder garden years, never been to this city before. That’s what so “cool” being a capitalist slave. They may ask you fly to places, not cool though..yet…exciting πŸ˜€ *at least for me*

So, there was I …flight with first flight by Garuda 6.15 am last Tuesday, for the first time in my life I saw… Sungai Batanghari

the “invitation” came from a rubber manufactur.that’s a work in process rubber, that would be dried for at about 3 weeks before going through crumber process.

We had lunch in a famous restaurant in Jambi city, I was busy eating its Pindang Patin that I forgot to took pictures. Yet, I still recall its taste…delicious!

After several meeting with other capitalist slaves, *we call this Syndication Loan*Β  oh, yes the meeting was held between inΒ  1-4 pm *yawning*, we flight back to to J-Town by the latest Garuda

in my surprise, when we had Dim Sum for breakfast , I learn that a man stand next to my left is my senior who married to my classmate in my undergraduate study. small world!




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