so…stylish blogger award it is


Riana send me this award, and as the rules said, I have  to pass the award to other blogger(s). Here the stylish bloggers  I might said :

 – Nadia ….She will be or around 23 or I guess, just graduated from the most famous engineering school in this country.  Well, my treasury Management  lecture, a CEO in a financial institution once said “My age stop at 23! look at yourself, when you were  23 you feel like conquer the world, right?

Regarding to what he said, I think Nadia is ready to conquer this world :-D. Bright future is waiting for you, dear! good luck!


Well, as she wrote in her blog, I befriended with her over 15 years ago. I even paid a visit several times to her house, which was on the other side of the my neighborhood . (I Lived in west while she was on east).Sort of give the award back to you, dear.

Anyone who swap their hustle bustle city life to serene rural area, is cool and “stylish”  for me  😀

*apasihgue   gue lagi baek2xin doi, I might need her apartment before or after( ?)  I went to Trondheim

– NitNit

She’s pretty, smart, fun to talk to and bright! Well, I know this girl in person and she deserve that  Fun, Fearless Female award if…se ever competes in the event :p . She’s all that! *and available I guess, so…boys?* 😉


Know her in 2005 I guess, she’s one of that blogger that isn’t “Jaim”  or write anything in the sake of  #pencitraan. Her writing simple yet funny 😀

Well, gue emang sengaja semua berawal “N”  😀


…and do I have to talk 7 things about me?

Gee…to cut the story, I guess  no one care either 😀 , take a look at “categories” on the bar side. The categories which have most posting, somehow  somehow reflecting me 😀


6 thoughts on “so…stylish blogger award it is

  1. Eh Nadia lulusan ITB? Kenalin dunk…. Haqhaqhaq… :p

    Kapan mau ke Trondheim Ky? Yu bareng….

    ==> yuk bareng, pesawat dari tempat elu ke Oslo elu yang bayarin ya…hahahahha

  2. …and now I live not only on the other side of your neighbourhood, but also on the other side of your world 🙂 All the people who dare do what they really would like to do and end up happy for whatever they become is definitely cool 🙂 Everybody could do it. We’re marchin on! As OneRepublic sings… *grin*

    ==>; yeah,I’ll see you when I visit Torndheim then…Ha, big fans of Ryan Tedder as well? :p

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