movie review : Sepet

Orked’s Abah    :  hei, macam mana awak tau budak cina? (How do you know he’s chinesee ?)

Orked’s Mak      :  Yam told Me

Orked’s Abah    :  How did she know

Orked’s  Mak     : Orked  told her lah

Orked’s Abah    : Yam doesn’t keep secrets too well, does she?

Orked’ Mak     : *yawn* Orked knows Yam tells me everything

Orked’s Abah    :  if she tells you everything,  why didn’t she tell you her self

Orkrd’s emak    : sort of away telling me without telling me lah…

Orked’s abah     : I’ll never understand you women even I live for a hundred, so pelik…. confusing

Orkeds ‘ emak    :  sayang,  your job is to love us not  to  understand us.

 Those line taken from Sepet, a movie by the late Yasmin Ahmad. I’ve been dying to see this movie when I first watch MUchsin, then Gubra.
Gue nontonnya kebalik gitu…heheheh. 😀

Thank God, my dear Atujal and Jerzy had litte trips to SG and MY then  I asked them to look for this.

Since it’s an old movie.  Go googling  about the plot.  It was shot in Ipoh and I think it’s an interesting city, surrounded by hill. At least that’s what I see when I went to KL from Penang.Ipoh from the bus

From this trilology, I think this one is the best ! Well, except in Gubra, Jason’s brother look so cute ,  My -oriental- man –kinda type 😉

PS: the one who acted as Orked’s mothers is a 3rd winner in The Amazing Race Asia 3, she was 44 at that time *masih bisa ikutan jadi peserta berarti gue* :p


12 thoughts on “movie review : Sepet

  1. gue suka line terakhir dari Orked’s Mak ‘sayang, your job is to love us not to understanding us’. Simpel tp ngena banget 😉

    Btw, Sepet itu artinya apa sih?

    • Yep, makanya itu yg gue quote. Cuma kalo kalimat terakhir saja ngga lucu :p
      Sepet artinya sipit, si orked ceritanya cewek melayu yg naksir pemuda keturunan cina

  2. Kiky, gue juga suka film2-nya Yasmin Ahmad. Waktu Jiffest 2009 kan trilogi-nya diputar, dan si pemain utama ceweknya itu datang, sayang si Jason-nya nggak :)) Kalo gak salah yang jadi Jason itu bukan pemain film, just an ordinary guy gitu, seru yah? Your words: my oriental man kinda type — I like 🙂

    • ngga ada MUallaf, ada Mp4 nya , riana tuh yang punya. dari DVD dia gue convert, cuma jadinya parsial.
      gue cuma punya Talent Time sama Sepet ^_^

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