may’s rambling

This is not going to be a good post, I’d warn you! This is what having a blog is all about, to keep my sanity

Well, I sweat small stuffs currently and lost focus in almost everything. Everything  screwed up again.
My bad..
I screwed my own resolutions,

And I cursed,
Literally I cursed the person who sent me and some people  on this!
*biar kemakan omongannya sendiri*
But hell yeah, I’m not at the bottom of my life, I’ve passed those with flying colors If I might say 😉

Two persons pretty  close to me somehow work on their dream, executed  their passion, and that reminds me that dream keep us alive. One of still talking about how happy she executed her dreams and I can understand why.

And. For you, yessss you!
I am not sure whether you read this blog or not,
I miss our intimate conversation, back in those days while we were cruising J-town’s traffic at night.
When we  (ok…I )can talk freely about everything,
When you ‘pick me up’ every time I fall without you realizing it.
When your simple question ‘how’s your life, ky?’ Could less my anxieties.
It is only a call or a text message away, or even a buzz away…

I can freely share any issues than I just can’t share with anybody else.
And what good about sharing ’em with you, I don’t need those wet eyes and I managed those anger !

Sometimes I do wonder, what is it with you that makes me strong?
Really … 😉

Even when I cursed that person you just smile and giggle unlike any other friends who comment  ‘ngga baeeek,ky ‘

Being apart from a good friend is pathetic.
Being apart from a friend like you is suck, shameless to say, I miss you.  I wish I could fly to S city by now