please listen to me this time,ky

He almost yelled at me one evening.
I zipped my mouth then he started to preach me, in friendly not so sok dewasa way.

Yeah, there were sooooo many times that I took him for granted.

He knows me for almost a third of my life, from the day I wore those 5 cm above knee skirt and sized 8 up till sized 16++ :p
He was my peers before becoming what he is now (or soon, used to )

He surely pissed me off every now and then. The ones who follow my twitter or read my other blog probably notice this 😉

And when I wrote him the greeting card, my eyes were wet.
Yes, there were times he send me to troubles.
But befriended for almost a decade, there surely times I did the same to him.

Yet, he never yelled or mad at me 😀

Good luck,dearest direct supervisor.
You’ll be missed 😉


3 thoughts on “please listen to me this time,ky

  1. Aku jg pnh bbrp kali ditinggal oleh Spv, Branch Manager, Guru Senior…. Some of them moved to another city, country, or and some passed away.

    Sedih… Cm bs berdoa smoga ditempat yg baru, mereka bs lbh bahagia…

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