what’s da name of da food?

I just learn how to eat this food.
So, last week, I had a call visit. That’s where a budak kapitalis visited their customer(s) who asked for credit.
After a long, sunny, hot, tiring and boring noon at the kawasan pabrik east of Jakarta, me and a colleague decided to be a carnivore.
So, there we were, in a Korean restaurant namely Mi Da Mi, not to far from that kawasan pabrik.
I don’t know the name of the food, all of our order were customized upon our request *wink*. Don’t asked how the bill was, I think one of my expensive lunch.
Anyway, this is how we prepare the food : *SORRY for the low quality of the picture*

these are the leaves and slices of garlic

grilled the meat first, put a piece on a leaf

put a slice of garlic above the meat

wrapped the meat and the garlic

and seriously, the combination between the sauce, the meat, the garlic and the beef was…great!

gue sampe ngindam lagi…so I went to Hang Gang, a Korean Restaurant in Pacific Place. and still…I don’t recall the name of the food :D.

*man,di kawasan pabrik aja mahal apalagi mall bagus gitu deh*



2 thoughts on “what’s da name of da food?

  1. itu makanan terlihat nikmad, ngencesss…tapi baca tulisan lo yg paling bawah *tentang harga, yg kalo di majalah2 buat harga mahal ditulis, price by request :p *… langsung jiper…mendadak air liur naik lagi…whoaahahaa…#orang susah emang udah distel ampe ke mulut2 nya yaa… 😀

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