how march takes me

While waiting for KRL

March, somehow, always be my favorite month of the year…
It was on march, when I travelled somewhere with a breathtaking view of pine trees covered with snow,
It was on march, when I learned that I never be the same person again couple of years ago
It was on march when I had my oh well, first date 😉

This march,
I failed in a project. No regret though, I keep the spirit burn.
Still many ‘penantian’ to come, and soooo excited
Will try something new that might re-route the way I live.

This March,
I lost my favorite person, my uncle, who died due to stroke 😦
Haven’t got a chance to visit him in the hospital because I thought it was an easy one like he had 5 years ago.

I’m gonna miss a colleague who is on overseas assigment. There’s no:
First thing in the morning on my messenger 😉

But anyway,
I want to live the fullest.



One thought on “how march takes me

  1. keep the spirit on tantee!
    it’s not fair for other months if March will always be your special month 😉

    let’s beat those kiddos on instant milk tvc 😀 *live life to the fullest*

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