a short story that would never have an ending

Girl : it turns me off! Like, totally.
Boy : why is that?

Girl : I dislike a person who do such a thing. Definitely a turn off
Boy : How did you find out?

Girl : I saw him! There, in that very corner. He wouldn’t have sit there if he’d call like..err, his driver or something.

Boy : when did you see it?
Girl : a week ago. He asked for a little break. I was outside, then I found him there, IN THAT VERY Corner.

Few days later,
Both the girl and the boy have little gathering with their team.
And ‘HE’, the Mr turn off came as well.
He asked for a time out, a coffee break for himself.
The boy and the girl and the rest of the team stayed in the room.

Later, the boy told the girl:
Boy : ‘when he was out, I’d like to buzz you’
Girl : ‘What for?’
Boy : ‘was wondering what did he do out there’ and chuckled.
Girl : ‘errr…you still remember’
Boy : ‘ I had a remarkable memory, on you‘ and smiled.

The girl just shut her mouth,
On that night, she just find something.
She finds it is hard not to fall in love with him.
to her, he was the closest to heaven and hell as well.

That’s why this story ends here,

and this short story would never be published.