in switching

remember I told a story about “my” Ani 🙂 on my previous entry?
well, years ago she dated someone, let said his name is Beni.
She went steady with Beni for about 3 years when I had a dream of her.
A weird dream I might said but I still recall the dream vividly.

In my dream, a guy picked her up from a mall we used to hang out. She went home with him, a strange guy who I haven’t met before.
I told my other friend, I dream about Ani.
My friend said nothing. 
Later, when I met Ani. She told me a story.
She was in love with other guy.
She lost interest with Beni.
Not to “ngebelain” Ani, I never like beni, I thought he was kinda snob, but he was my best friend’s boyfriend.
Then Ani showed me the picture of “this other guy”, let say his name is Bagus.
I told Ani,
“well I had a dream about you nights ago”.
Turned out my friend already told Ani about my dream
“Is he the one in your dream?” Ani asked me.
I nodded , she smiled.
To make the story short, Ani got married to Bagus and had two beautiful children. 

and I’d forgot the dream until yesterday.

Nights before, I dream about Penang, my last port of `embarkasi` :p
In my dream  I saw a couple. The man was quite tall and busy taking pictures with his SLR.
The girl had a curly hair, wearing a elbow length black body fit shirt.
The girl seemed bored, the man recognize.
Then the man said
“Ok, I’ll stop taking pictures” and put his SLR to his bag so that he can hold the girl’s hand.
It was the most romantic screen in my dream I ever have :D. 

And you know what…?
recently I made friend to a curly hair woman…
… and she is about to marry a photographer…

…and yes, the black – body fit- elbow length shirt – is her fave wadrobe. 

“kayaknya gue ganti propesi aja dah….”


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