the rambling

Somewhere in 2001, I cried hard! I lost my dream.

Two years later, I managed to wipe those tears. But at the end, it didn’t turn the way I wanted to.

So here I am again, a decade later, has become the same person again.
I’m the woman in one of those stories…
Stories about loosing your hope, your passion and bury your dream.
Stories about “mengalah”, retained you from your hope and your dream.
But this time,there’s no tear!
Well, there was…a little.

I don’t wanna say suck, I’d be ungrateful then.
Months ago, my dear Tami reminded me :’If ever you hate your life, do bare in your mind someone out there want to switch life with you’

And she was damn right! I found those people who make fun of F&B I’d purchased, classes I took, places I’ve been to! I’m pretty sure they’re just jealous! Actually, deep inside their heart they want to switch life with me.  But it’s alright, those people aren’t my friend – just pretended to be my friend.

here is the picture.
Know anyone who in your opinion could easily had what they want.
Who let go the thing #1 because the think there’s an opportunity that thing #2 is much better.
Later, when thing #2 didn’t work out, they find thing #1 was actually a cotton candy, sweet and rich! They chase after  thing #1 back.
Oh no, I was wrong! The cotton candy itself run to them!
I hate the cotton candy.

But how could I blame the cotton candy? It couldn’t see and I didn’t teach it Braille.

Yet, I don’t wanna be the person in which the cotton candy run into.
I shouldn’t be mad to the cotton candy either.
It just a cotton candy after all,
Once you splash it with water, it will shrink!
It is fragile,
and I’m strong!

picture taken from here