Review on Larsson’s Masterpieces

The second movie based on the same novel.
The Girl Who Played With  Fire

Cerita dimulai ketika Salander di Caribia discussing over somethings with her advisor, sudah jadi milyuner dan berniat membeli apartemen.
Then, her guardian Bjurman wanted to pay a revenge.
Pucuk dicinta ulampun tiba, Bjurman ditemui sama pria blonde berbadan besar yang juga pengen mencelakakan Salander.

On the other story, Millenium mau publish issue tentang women trafficking yang ada di Swedia. Namun, seperti yang diceritakan di buku, si Dag sang journalist dan Mia kekasihnya ditemukan tewas tertembak di apartemen, dengan pistol yang ada sidik jari Salander.

Ketenangan Salander terusik, Blomkvist percaya bukan Salander pelakunya and try to convince the police about the issue.

The rest of the story, samalah sama bukunya…di cut sana sini wajarlah, bukunya 800 halaman filmnya 2 jam 🙂

Dan gue baru tau…: Paulo Roberto, the man who owns sasana tinju itu do exist! He stared as himself!

Untuk visualisasi,pantes di Blitz cuma tayang malam menjelang ganti hari pulak!  😀


And this the last novel.

 The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

Salander being burried alive by the blondie and was seriouslly ill. She was rush to the hospital and under intensive care. Yet, she was at the same wing with the old man who held many bad police screets. Later, the old man was shot in the hospital that made Salander worried.
Despite how bad her condition was,stii she was charge guilty for murdering 3 people,specially by Prof Teleborian.
Salander was isolated from the outside, but being computer and internet freak she is, she manage to get access to proof she was the victim (of the state’s bad system)
Beside proofing that she wasn’t guilty, Salander has another agenda, to find the giant blondie.

On the other hand, Blomkvist still stood on his ground to proof that Salander isn’t guilty and asked his sister to be her lawyer.

And there goes the story 😉
Heartpounded as ussual 😀


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