Album review : Sabrina

I guess this is my first album review, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰
Anyway, first I listened toSabrina’s ) was last week, when me and my girl friends spend weekend in Bandung.

Anyway,all of her song are re-aransement, as you click the above link, songs from Maroon 5, Jason MrAZ, owh…the navy who sang ‘You’re Beautiful’ what was his name?

Those were convert to easy listening songs, great accompanion when you’re stuck in traffic, or has paper to be done, or book to be write or else.

Yesterday, I bought the second volume, Acoustic Too, yet, I’m more familiar with the songs from the 1st album.
So, am gonna borrow Indah’s’ πŸ˜‰

But agree with my friend,Chica, her song (or voice) kinda flat and in my opinion has no special character, compare to…errr…like those singers from ‘kontes bakat’, Tia AFI, Winda Idol, etc…

So, I think am gonna give 2 and half stars (out of 5) for this album.


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