a restaurant review: Ketjil Kitchen

When I was about to have lunch at Grandlucky food court (and yes, they had it renovated) , I saw a small booth across the building. I asked my partner to give it a try. And I love its interior the moment I got here 🙂 Clean, neat, remind you of your own home, but the room is small. May be the only able to serve customers up to 20 people.

remind me of Nanny’s Pavillon restaurant.

Anyway, we choose to sit at the bar  which have a view on picture #2. The waiter won’t serve you in the  table, so you have to walk to the cashier, tell them your order. They are so friendly.

Yesterday, I order Beef Scallopine , grilled beef with mashed potato and a cup of Teh Tarik. It cost around Rp 80.000,- in total 🙂

*grilled beef was well done, it taste delicious and I loveeeee its mashed potato! I had a cup teh tarik in Tea Addict the previous day. It tasted better than this.

while my partner had Tuna Spaghetti Tuna Picante and Oreo Milk Shake, which cost above Rp 50.000,-

The spaggethi was dipped with herbs I guess , it taste GREAT! Love it! They also serve Indonesian food like Sop Buntut and Nasi Goreng, western food like Pasta and Sandwiches, and dessert like Pancake and Apple pie

But since the restaurant  is small, please hold your cekakak cekikik with your friends or other customer might get annoyed .

will surely come again for another visit. And hey, the open  cooking classes every Saturday.


8 thoughts on “a restaurant review: Ketjil Kitchen

    • ==> kak indah, tadi gw mau tulis “pasti abis ini ada yang komen, ah pusing bahasa inggirs, jadi kapan kita makan2x disini* sambil menautkan dengan blog elo…eh…beneran kejadian di komen =)) yuks ah…eh, kalo Kevin ultah kidzania aja (y)

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