a movie review: 500 days of summer

was a last year movie that I only got a chance to watch it today.
It’s not a love story, but it is a story about love.

Tom Hansen,who work for a greeting card company saw Summer Finn, his boss’s assistant and had a feeling that Summer is someone he’d spent his life with. Unfortunately, Summer wasn’t a into a relationship.
The plot was back and forth, time when Tom thought he was in love with Summer, time when their relationship gone “hambar”.

The movie was unique, the part when Summer invited Tom to her apartment over a party (after not seeing each other for a long time) was my favorite. The screen was divided between “realty” and “expectation”. And that is where Tom get upset, when he saw a diamond ring on Summer’s and left the building.

My other favorite screen was the last screen, minutes before Tom realized there’s no such a word as “meant to be” 🙂


6 thoughts on “a movie review: 500 days of summer

  1. haduh, hahaha… kau punya kenangan dengan film ini. kenangan indah dengan anak2ku (on of my classes last academic year).

    intinya, film ini dengan sakses membuat kami bertopang dagu dan berfikir dan berkomentar bersama-sama : “kapan selesainya sih ini film?” LOL.

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