just a lil’ note

I can’t believe it is September again! Only 3 months away from new year,gee…time do flies. As I reviewed my journey this year, sadly to say, this is where I screw up and I came up with “if only questions”. My traveling  journey was so-s0, I didn’t read much this year…and failed on a writing and a photography project. Screwed up….

Anyway, I just got home. My daughter were hospitalized due to dengue. After two years, this is what hit me the most. Well, despite the fact that I’m not so good mom. Pity my children, they couldn’t choose their parents :D.
Her body temperature was above average last Saturday, and “naik turun” until Monday. On Tuesday, I decided to have a blood test for her. The result was not so good. Later in the afternoon, mom called to inform that her body temperature is going up again. I decided to go home, but the caretaker/temporary supervisor said I had to finished the cash flow projection (of a CPO Company) first. Feel like throwing my shoes to her face…but never mind, she is childless.

The next we conducted another blood test, her trombosit was going down, much lower than the normal one, I decided, it’d be better if my kid stay in the hospital.

It was long queue at those hospital. When we about to check in, they said no room available at the moment, they suggest us to go home and they’d give us a call when the room is ready. They did…but it took us another 2, 5 hours at the admission desk. Gee…I lost temper since Kezia said she had headache. But the guest officer was kinda smart, she let us stays in one of ruang praktek. The doctor hadn’t come yet.

Anyway,strange but true,  she was happy when she found out that she was going to be hospitalized, once she said she envy her brother, me and last year, my dad when she paid us a visit at the hospital. Until the nurse come to stick the needle on her arm. No need to say what happen.

Anyway, they took her blood sample again early in the morning, and somehow I’m glad I was “off during this Ramadhan”, y’know…those days of the month.
Her trombosit was going down again, this was when I think I couldn’t help it. I cried…
The nurse told me it was normal that her trombosit will be higher by the next day or the day after. I hold her all day telling her to have this and that,anything that could normalized her trombo again.

well it did…
we are home by now…


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