a wishful dreaming

I stare at her with doubt:
‘How do I make that possible?’

As always, she gave her best smile and said:
‘Yah, elo juga berdoalah…mau Ramadhan entar lagi, sekalian tuh!’ Bla bla bla…

Been 3 years without having a deep conversation like this,she just ‘she’ and I just ‘me’.

‘Ah ya, the sky is the limit,after all!’

She nodded!

Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone! 🙂


6 thoughts on “a wishful dreaming

  1. Payah ah gak ada bedanya ama twit. Kirain blog lebih lengkap

    Met Ramadhan ky. Maafin gw yah. Smoga ibadah kita thn ini lebih baik dr sebelumnya. Amin

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