meracau di tengah kemacetan

There’s a not-to-close friend of mine who often buzz me via messenger or texted me.
First,I thought it was ok and we began to chat.
But later,I found this friend of mine way too boring.
I mean,this friend keep asking similar questions and when I answered ‘basa basi’ this friend would literally telling me what s/he has been doing ‘which’ to my point of view sooooo ordinary and routine.
Sometimes, I tried to broaden our ‘ngga penting’ conversation by sharing some current issues (somehow I know this friend needs friends to share with), but what would you do if this person,who is about my age didn’t know who, for example Dahlan Iskan or Karen Setiawan are.
I mean…gee…
A dull conversation made some look dull in my eyes.*kenapa tolak ukurnya harus di gw ya? Tsaahhhh*
In my point of view, this person life isn’t interesting,like…errr…
This friend doesn’t like to read, see not so ordinary movies, rarely do travelling (which in this friend’s point of view,money is the issue,whist in my opinion, s/he could if s/he would,I mean ngga semua travelling perlu duit banyak,ya kan…suka sok miskin deh),do sport, play music ,know where good food is :p, or whatever.

But somehow, this person is sooo ‘ exciting’ to share their ‘oh my gosh,ngga penting banget siyy gitu aja nge buzz gw cerita ini itu’

Well,sorry if this entry made me kinda rude.slowly but sure,I get annoyed and bored to death w/ our ‘getting stupider’ conversation,ignored this friend’s ‘buzz’ or ‘ping’,but this friend keep doing so.

What to do with out getting my friend hurt? I mean, giving my friend the message;
bow,kalo ngga mutu2x amat ngga usah nge buzz gw deh?

*di tengah kemacetan jl.Mampang di pagi hari*


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