it’s just a late at night entry

Seemed that your favorit offspring didn’t make it to the final.
Tell u what,I’m not surprise nor that I know how to react!
either happy or feel in a great pity for you. (I clearly recalled you back that person up,180 degrees to what you did to me )

It was a hard competition though,that’s why I was kinda of proud when I make it to the final.
Seemed,you’re looking it from different perception. Not your fault,though! I clearly remember everything you said 10 years ago.
*hey, did you know the sentence be carefull for what u wish for*

The idea of keeping me in that nest, because you need a life time free slave. You do realize I’m the only person you can depend on,don’t you? who else? Give mÉ a name! *teeetttt,time is up,see,you can’t think of any*

It is my stupid thought (and offer),but will you considering what you don’t suppose to do now is just something in RETURN 🙂
We both hate what we are doing it right now.

Do yell at anyone you like! You’re the first person who goes to heaven anyway! May be…



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