my not-that-small-kiddo

Last Thursday night didn’t go smooth. I think I’ll fail on my Financial Management exam. The problems were hell! Cr#p! It gave me heavy headache afterwards. Oh My…considering I spent many weekends to ‘master’ this subject :(, what a waste!

And when my dad pick me up,kiddo#2 hadn’t sleep yet. He likes to pick me up on my school night.

See,kiddo#2 drink milk AND touching my belly! We called this ‘susu perut’ (milking while touching my belly). Not only that,while doing ‘susu perut’ , he’d watch Cheebis TV, TV with Charlie and Lola program on it. .
It just his habit.

So,after I hopped to my car he asked:
‘Bun,nanti susu perut ya sambil nonton Charlie dan Lola…’
While I still ‘BT+kesal’ with my exam and….I hadn’t packed anything,yet.
I said:
‘Bunda belum siapin barang2x bunda,dek. Bla…bla…’, giving reasons that I refused to do so.

The TV with cable is only on my room which is on second floor. Since my knee cap still hurt, gw males mondar mandir lantai 1 dan 2!! 😀

He negotiated:
‘Bunda ke atas, idupin Charle and Lola (hidupin TV maksudnya), beresin barang-barang bunda,baru adek susu perut’
And I said yes.

So,soon as I got home,I packed my stuffs.2 hours later when I asked him to sleep downstair,he said: ‘adek belum minum susu’
I told him to have his milk downstair, but he cried!
‘Bunda kan janji kalo dah sudah beres barang2xnya mau susu perut sambil nonton Charlie Lola’

O well, my son getting big,surely he grows up, finding his own win-win solution and keep each other promises. Yes, he didn’t get crancky when I packed my stuffs.

PS: but our ‘domestic asisstant’ run way when we got home! Owh well….



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