an email in one day

I’m quite happy this morning 🙂
An old friend of mine sent me an email, asked all his contacts’ number since he just lost his mobile phone.
Gee…in my case, I lost not only his personal email but his mobile number as well from years ago.
I knew this guy somewhere in 1998, and yes…he was “aktivis” Student Council Chairman (ketua senat) from one of a reputable university in this country,  whose face  you’d probably see on TV in that era.

Terakhir kali kami berkomunikasi, lewat email, teman saya mengirimkan foto putri kembarnya yang saat itu belum bisa berjalan, mungkin putri kembarnya sudah di sekolah dasar saat ini.Lama lah pokoknya.
Kami lalu bertukar kabar dan “catch up” with each other life. Saya baru tahu dia sudah pindah kerja, bukan lagi tangan kanan seorang yang pernah kondang karena menentang korupsi. *googling sendiri aja deh* :p but still in a NGO, striving his best for this country! Idealis,mungkin 🙂

He has three children now. Years ago, he told me his past. Quite colorful comparing to mine. Live in a remote island, yang kapalnya cuma datang puluhan hari sekali,imagine susahnya perjalanan yang dia tempuh ketika ibundanya meninggal saat di perantauan, had an imbisil sibbling who was under his custody, squeezing time to complete his study and then granted a scholarship to UK.

He was very surprise, finding out how am I doing now. That’s life, right. I guess he’d never thought his “kaki anak kampung” would step on Heatrow Airport.
It was  his last sentence made my smile even wider :
” I know you’d thinking about this for sure. Just stay in your track, I’m sure you’ll get a better life after these all”

whoa, see…I am so blessed with these kind of friends 😀


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