consider this is my excuse

sorry for bitching lately, I had  my period yesterday blame it to my hormone then ;).

being straight forward here, I grew up I guess I was sorry that I don’t hold my tongue. I used to share private issues (blame it to  my blabber mouth) and now I learned some people use it against me. Yes, I was (and may be am) stupid. Many times I made the same stupid mistakes, many times I don’t  learn my lesson.

seemed in our relationship, the chemistry doesn’t work and no indigrients that can keep us closer not using catalyst(ator) either.

I accept your assumptions toward my attitude, you draw a conclusion  and  I won’t make a big deal . but, I tell you what, there were lots of things that I didn’t share with you.

For example : Imagine your life turns upside down, trying to make everything in order…then people said all I do is nothing but a crap! Once or twice I considered it a joke, the third and forward…I consider you brainless and heartless. And the saddest thing is, you’re the first person I ask for help.

No, I don’t envy your life and nothing in this world make me want to switch life with you!
I don’t envy anybody’s life actually!
I learned people face their own stumble block before becoming what they are now. Neither do I feel in a competition with you 🙂

Yes, I did keep some distance two years ago from you but I came back. But I tell you what, I’m all on my own now, and I don’t want to return.

Wishing you all a great life ahead 🙂



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