me and my (other) mates

Around 5.15 pm
I work on 5th fl while he is on 6th.

</3 Nugie(Y) : Setarboobs yuuk
Sikky: Yukssss
Sikiky: Gw tungguuuu….
Sikiky: Bener yak
Sikiky: HP gw charge niy

</3 Nugie(Y): Yuuuk…
</3 Nugie(Y): Yuuk…
</3 Nugie(Y): Ud di starbucks
</3 Nugie(Y) : Mau apa?

Sikiky: Yang panas
Sikiky: Apa ya

</3 Nugie(Y): Caramel misto
</3 Nugie(Y) : Mau?
Sikiky: Ok (y) the lobby
Me: how much do I owe you?
Him: on me,mbak!
Me: Owh that was so sweet of you
Him: *evil grin*

Another colleague:  punya loe yang buy 1 get 1 mbak!

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