adeknya kiky

The age difference between my sister and I is 2,5 years, send her two acedemic years after me.
We went to the same elementary school, which labelled her to ‘Adeknya Kiky’.
The labelled ended when we went to the different SMP, a bit relief for her that nobody know who her sibbling is.:p
But again, we went to the same highschool, I wasn’t popular but our ‘homey’ school made everybody know everybody. (Asal ngga kuper-kuper banget siy)
I recall it was her first day and…we share the same class!
First grader start school at noon,whilst the senior at regular scholl hour (at it was)
And a friend of mine said
“Eh…tadi anak baru ada yang mirip elo deh, make tas kayak elo juga”
“Yei, itu adek gue”

So, that goes her next three years
the teachers and my friends called her as ‘adeknya Kiky’
Then,lucky for her, she went to UI, which I didn’t where she has her own identity :p
But some my HS buddies went to the same school, same faculty even the same major with her.
Whilst she enjoy her freedom,she met my HS buddies said Hi to her and they had chit chat.
At the end my friend,Ana said ‘salam buat Kiky ya…”
Anna was with another friend, which went to the same school with us.
Spontaeusly she muttered :’owh, adeknya Kiky?”
She told me the screen and said

‘Duh, that words again’ hihihihiih.

To make story short, now our son went to the same TK and to make it even better, the same class!
While I’ve been wandering at the school since 2 years ago, some people (teacher, the parents) notice my existance, off course. 😀

And there we go again,
“Owh…kamu adeknya Kiky…”
It’s hard being younger,eh?

4 thoughts on “adeknya kiky

  1. karena nggak ada yang keempatxxx, gue lempeng aja deh 😛
    Kalau gue dulu (karena si emak guru) : Oh anaknya Bu Ros ?!! #%#%#%#%#
    dan nggak hanya SD, tapi lanjut ke SMP dan SMA, yang otomatis semua guru adalah teman emak.
    Nyebelin pas saat ulangan, gue yang dicontek eh malah gue kedamprat :p

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