15 mins before another new day

Heavy endless cough and cold
Kiddos got fever
Pile of works
Stack of school’s assignment
And owh…subjects getting harder
tapping forehead
Lack of sleep
No time for leyeh leyeh
*except blogging:p,hell yeah..part of my bio*
Ketinggalan KRL terussss,means be ‘sarden’ in a-Rp 1.500-economic train
Less time for gym
Means getting fat again
No time for self indulgence (reading is one of them)
A new watch
A new pair of glasses
3 new bags!(One is a late b’day gift)
320 GB External hard disk ๐Ÿ˜€
Trip to east asia end of this year
A pray from a-only-know-him-for-less-than-3-months-and-I-need-that-kind-of-couragement
A thought from an old friend

My life is so beautiful,then…


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