wisata kuliner: lupa nama tempatnya :p

Saturday noon,me and my mates had lunch in the cafetaria.
One of my batak friend ordered Tempe Mendoan, soon as he had his tempe, his muttering
“Ih…niy tempe kok ngga mateng gini siy?”
We look at one another and laughed
Nama juga tempe mendoan,Hariiii……!”

anyway..speaking about cullinary, my colleagues found a new favorite.
Located on parking area at Rumah Susun Tanah Abang, there’s a kedai which sells Minang Food that’s so different from ussual Rumah Makan Padang,namely SEDERHANA.
*I didn’t recall its name*
They sell
Gado-gado Padang

Mie Goreng & Nasi Goreng (I had no time to take the pics)

Soto Padang – w/ the rice seperated in another bowl

or, w/ rice mix in the bowl

and offers  Teh telor susu

*you may find this beferage a  lil bit”amis” if you don’t get use to, that’s why they give you jeruk purut/nipis*

kopi susu & Teh susu for beverage.
The soto padang like the usuall soto,but they only boil those meat, not a deep fry ones like Mak Syukur.
Those dendeng rebus is the “topping” for Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng

Once,we had lunch here and ordered
2 Soto Padang
1 mie goreng padang
1 nasi goreng padang
1 teh susu
4 teh manis

it cost…
Rp 71.000!


Anyway, I’ll have my first exam tonight! wish me luck ^_^


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