how’s your long weekend anyone?I burried myself with those statistic and accounting HW.
Anyway, I’d like to share some things..
• at the back of  the hospital /school area, there is a service road along a river, a short cut to my bulding One of anak kali Ciliwung if I’m not mistaken.
Across the river bank, there is a line of RSS (Rumah Sangat Sederhana), permanent housing.  Those Tukang Bubur Ayam/Soto Ayam/Sate, etc live in that housing area. it seemed like a 4m x 4m square each house.
One day,I saw an old man laying on the floor, than I realized how small the house us.
His body length pararels with the house length/house line.
Gee…I stopped making fun of that RSSSSS (Rumah Sangat Sederhana Sempit Sekali Susah Selonjor).

• But now, the service road slopped down, the road cracks,  so they forbid any 4-wheel-automotive passing by.
And there I go again, using the main enterance to get in and I don’t like it!
because that means I (we) have to drive passing the lines of “mobil jenazah”. I imagined the body…the dead body who rides on that mobil jenzah were the ones who died in a brutal accident, a victim of a murderer or something like that…hiiiiii…. *males ngga siy,loe*

• Or, if  a friend,who gives me a drive, dropped me in front of the gate, I took a centre section. More programs are held at the front side,quite ‘live’ and there is a huge Pohon Bringin on the middle of it. After that area,sepiii lagi, I have to walk through a hall, a devider of two white walls (from the old building)  with dim light.
Gee…after I pass that hall, I feel like I pass a “lorong waktu” =)).

oh yeah…saya memang pengkhayal kelas berat! 😀


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