An old friend-whom we barely communicate- sent me a text message the other day,
Asked me whether I know another friend(s) number.
And yes,I have their number so I replied the message with
Other’s friends number only.
Later,she sent another text message,thanked me and write
‘You’re so blunt!with out basa basi’

Gee…I wonder what did she expect?
Me wrote…’Hi,how are you,anak berapa?kerja dimana sekarang? Ini nomornya’ 😀
While some people/some of my old friends get irritate with such a question.

Dealing with people is surely an art!

Bit update about my so called life…
– school will start next week,I have 3 classes in a week.
– before school starts…kita outbond dulu!!! Seriously!!!
Me doing outbond with those ‘anak2x yang masih kinyis’ :p


2 thoughts on “

  1. surely a real art when dealing with people! Gak ada rumusnya gak ada formulanya mbak … Nice to know this posting. Goodluck with your new classes! *agak sensi kalo denger yang namanya kelas soalnya tesis gak kelar2 heheeheh*

    Salam kenal 🙂

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