book review and stuffs

Finally….I’d finished reading this 724 pp book.

Now, it is  more  heartpounding.

A junior journalist at Millenium Dag Sevensson  and his girlfriend, MIa Johansson  were found dead by two shots and Salander fingerprints were everywhere in the gun as well as the dead couple’s apartment.

Blomkvist, the one who first found the dead body believed that  Salander had nothing to do with it but of course not the ones who work police headquarters.

To make thing worst, after Christmas Blomkvist and Salander literally lost contact (read the first book, you may find out why) and Salander couldn’t be find anywhere.

On the other hand, Bjumarman, Salander’s former guardian want to pay a revenge to her, but he met his destiny.

So, literally the plot is about Blomkvist with his own way again, an instinct of senior journalist as well as detective doing the same thing with Hariet Vinger — profing that Salander is innocent. This egomaniac girl may look strange but she still has a moral, but could turn into a catasthrope when people harmed her or seeing immoral things and It also tell story about Salander’s background, why she turns “like an evil”


and I love its end..;). And my favorite quote of this book is:

“Man could as big as a house and made of granite,but they all had balls in the same place”

hahahahahha! ROFL! PS: this is not a comedy novel!
a lil’  update about my-so-called-life “as if there are readers in this blog” :p

I had my first book published! yay!

and secondly…
finally,  I’m going back to school. Alhamdulillah…
Yeah, told ja…i failed once, but the committee gave me a second chance! :). The  the big thing  I told you here, is me taking TPA and TOEFL. Some said, the passing grade of this faculty is hard or I might say…high!
it is the greatest early birthday gift for me 🙂 wish me luck! 😉


4 thoughts on “book review and stuffs

  1. waks imagenya ancur, udah gitu tulisan loe di pc gw jadi segede gaban 😀

    anyway, selamat yah Ky dengan beasiswanya dan penampilan barunya, semoga lancar jaya

    ==> udah dibetulin, thanks doa dan supportnya ya,Kak. Lop yu pul!

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