film yang kutonton (jumat kemaren) ^_^


just an update, my complete review from The girl with Dragon Tatoo is here. 😛 . Currently I am on page 50 fromits sequel,  The Girl who play with fire (out of over 700 pp!)

Anyway, there was “puncak Tema” on kiddos’ #2 last week, so I take a half day off. The puncak tema was ended at 12 sumthing actually, but I turn into a devil :D. I went to Blitz Megaplex Grand Indonesia instead going back to the office to watch some  movies which were played during JIFFEST. I was planning to watch Muallaf by the late Yasmin Ahmad. Unfortunately, the ticket was sold out since days ago. My bad….

I decided to watch any movie available, then I went with 99% Honest+ Coffee Allah. 99% honest is a Norwegian documentary movies,telling the story about moslem immigrants in Norway who came from Pakistan, Nigeria (?), Bosnia and try their best to be a  musician. The songs were good! While Coffee Allah was a short movie, 15 mins I guess. It tells a story about an immigrant from some African country who loves coffee so much. Everyday, she went to coffee shop to order a cup of coffee and make ‘friend’ with the barista. At the end of the movie, the barista curve the word “Allah” (in arabic) at the top of her capuccino.

The first movie ended at 3 sumthing, then I went for Lille Soldat (Little Soldier), by Danish director, Annette K Olesen.

Lotte is a soldier who just got home from Iraq war. She needs a job, then ask for any postion in her father’s company who was an industrialist. One of her father’s driver got broken leg, Lotte ask for that position and it wasn’t a regular driver, she has to take, Lily whose real name is Kimmy from Nigeria, her father’s mistress to any places, since she was a commercial prostitute. Lotte had an emphaty for Kimmy for doing a false life for living, yet, Kimmy took it wrongly.

After I watch this, I feel pity for women who has to work as a professional slut. All of us want to have a cozy, comfort, secure living….but some women aren’t “lucky enough”. Specially from the thirld world countries with those war,economy embargo  and stuffs.

Last movie..

gee…one of the movie I’ve been waiting for since I watch Mukhsin two years ago at the same event. (gue nontonya kebalik gitu urutannya) The second movie from Orkid’s trilogy. The first movie, Sepet was played the day before at office hour, surely I missed it…but I’m happy enough to watch Gubra.

Like other Yasmin Ahmad’s work, the story is about the “asimilasi” Malay people. In Mukhsin, Orkid went to Chinesse School which was rather odd at that time, but her parents who loved each other so much – love you till death do us part-  were “open minded” that once (from the previous movie), Orkid was dating a Chinesse boy namely Jason. Jason was dead, she accidently met Jason’s brother at the hospital.

When Orkid and Jason’s brother decided to have a little brunch at the city, she met her husband – a Malay guy who is much older than she is-  and discovered that Arif was  cheatting on her. The plot was mainly about how precious a family is with the tagline “Why do we hurt the most, the ones we love the most”

dan sekarang gue nyesel, kenapa ngga sekalian aja nonton film YAsmin Ahmad terakhir, “Talent Time” …hmpphh…

Kalo ada yang punya/nemu DVD Sepet, Talent Time dan Muallaf…kasih tau ya….

Anyway…can’t wait for Festival Sinema Perancis  early next year!!!!! 😀


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