film yang kutonton buku yang kubaca

Holla! how’s life readers? *halah, kayaknya blog ini banyak pembacanya aja* 😛
anyway…my life is so-so *as usuall*, those who read my blog probably read my twitter time line as well 😀
ok, let me give you my review.

Books that I read

Samsara by Zara Zetira

I guess this is the first Zara Zetira’s book I read after so many years…:D. I love her books when I was a teenager, and… girls out there…who doesn’t?  :p

Udah lama bacanya, seingatnya aja deh ya…

Bercerita tentang perempuan awal 20-an, Asia  yang bermimpi menetap di Amerika. Secara ‘kebetulan’ dia bertemu dengan Tante Amerika yang bersedia menampung Asia tinggal bersamanya. Keinginan Asia untuk tinggal ke Amerika ditentang oleh ibunda, namun Asia tetap nekad. Kemudia Asia tinggal bersama dengan Tante Amerika di California dengan 4 orang Indonesia lain. Asia jatuh cinta dengan Nanda,namun merasa tidak pantas karena Nanda telah mempunyai tunangan di Indonesia. Tante Amerika yang hidup berlimpah di negeri orang mengatakan bawah Nanda dan Asia sebenarnya ditakdirkan berjodoh dan tidak ada yang bisa menolak takdir. Melalui serangkaian peristiwa aneh, mimpi-mimpi buruk, Asia berusaha “lari” dari takdirnya…


Perahu Kertas by Dewi Lestari

no of pages : 440

Ah, famous book it is…everybody *every bookworm to precise*  had read it I guess….My favorite “meleleh” screen is where Keenan hugs Kugy from her back, facing the serene Pantai Ranca Buaya and promise “secretly” to each other…

Simple plot and great characters…if this book going to be filmed,  I imagine Marcel  as Keenan. Then I remember Marcel is Dewi ex hubby…weird..

Movie that I watch

He’s not Just into you

I was in my company’s training centre last week, I bought this DVD. *it was a-5-day-training btw*. A colleague of mine commented “filmnya biasa aja ah mbak”, when I told him that I’m going to watch this.

Hell yeah..he’s a man! he doesn’t deliver the message, he had no idea how hard to be “woman” when searching for soulmate I guess…hahahahha…

Gigi Haim (Ginnifer Goodwin)  is trying to find her soulmate, she does dating every now and then, but none of her dates call her back, even though they said “I call you later” at the of the end of their date. While, Gigi’s colleague Beth (Jenifer Aniston)  has a-seven-year relationship with Neil (Ben Affleck) but Neil hasn’t proposed Beth yet because Neil doesn’t like the idea (of getting married). Well, there are several plots and’s mainly about man-woman relation ship, finding your right ones and stuffs…and my favorite quote of this movie is..

“and maybe a happy ending doesn’t include a guy, maybe it’s you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over, freeing yourself up for something better in the future”

Law Abinding Citizen

It was a-working-mommy-time-out last night, my office buddies and I decided to watch this movie *pake voucer buy 1 get 1 Blitz PP* :p

Clyte Selton’s house being robbed and killed his daughter and wive.  The killers are caught, but the Assiten Dictrict Attorney, Nike Rice, was assigned by the DA to make deal with with Darby, one of the robber to testify against his partner for a 10 year plea bargain prison sentence. Selton was upset with Rice making this deal and he wait for 10 years to make a revenge.  Shelton found Darby and killed him by a very brutal assasin. Shelton got caught, sent to prison  and his war with the “justice” began. Shelton had planned every single things….literally…every single thing

Man….I love the “sikis” war  kinda thing.  Shelton- the invetor- was assumed to kill people (because he had warned Rice and his colleagues before) without him— phisically–  being there.

my favorite quote from this movie is:

It’s not about what you know. It’s what you can prove on the court

*being said twice at the movie*

anyway, one of conversation  said  “you can’t fight your fate”…simillar to what Zara said in her book, Samsara 🙂


this book

A girl with the Dragoon Tatoo by Stieg Larsson

no of pages : 554!

The cover exactly the same with the one I have now. (edisi lain warnanya kuning ngga ada gambarnya)

I haven’t finished the book yet, as I’m in pp.301!

Henrik Vanger has assigned  Mikael Blomkvist, publishes the magazine Millennium in Stockholm to write his biography, but actually there were a hidden agenda. Henrik asked Blomkvist to find the ones who killed Harriet, her nephew who’s missing in the 60’s. Yet, her body isn’t found – dissapeared into thin air.

On the other screen, there’s a young ‘nyentrik’ lady, name Salander who has interest with Blomkvist’s life and Blomkvist case against Wennerstorm, who, sometime ago was Vanger’s employee. Salander figured : People always have secrets, it’s just a matter of finding out what they are.

And my (so far) favorite quote of the book is, when Blomkvist reluctanlty accept Vanger’s offer to write his bio (and solve the hidden agenda), Vanger told Blomkvist:

“All it asks is that you do your best. If you fail,then it’s God’s will – if you don’t belive in him- it’s a fate”

And ow, btw…the book is number 1 of the Millennium Trilogy, I saw the second series, but try to finished the first book before buy the second one. :p


11 thoughts on “film yang kutonton buku yang kubaca

  1. sempet buka-buka Perahu Kertas dikelas (punyanya murid). kayaknya sih OK. tp ntahlah, bacaanku sekarang ini jarang yg novel fiksi. lbh seneng baca artikel, tips trik, atau beli majalah GoGirl buat cuci mata, hehehe…

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