a-two-day trip around east Java

I was HOLIDAY-ing again!
This place (and the trip) has been my biggest passion all this time! I recalled there was three times I had to kiss Bromo Trip good bye, ya kan Panda?
were flrying with Mandala to Surabaya, arrived at 10.00 pm, our team (26 of us) went straight forward to Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger which took +/- 4 hours by car (we took ELF btw). Gee, I caught sore throat! ‘Not delicious body’.
Arrived early at the entry gate on 2.30 am, we had to wait for another 30 minutes before driving back to Penanjakan Parking Lot. Yes, we were the first ones, arrived at Penanjakan parking , our car park close to the spot.
Tip from me : arrive as soon as possible at Penanjakan, otherwise — the best (and closest) parking spot — are taken! You had to walk quite far! (and quite tiring as you climb a hill).
After we had our ginger tea at a small shop that scattered around the area, before 4.30 am we waited for the sunrise. Man it was cold!
tadinya saya pikir ada suara arus sungai, ternyata suara angin yang bertiup kencang”
And yes, the sunrise is worth to wait, Alhamdulilah no rain… no fog…and finally I can snap the magnificent Bromo from Penanjakan!
I’m in Heaven!
Since it was on weekend there were  many visitors….local and abroad. If you want to snap Kawah Bromo like I did, be there early.

At around 6.00 am we were heading  to Sea Sand, riding a horse  and climbing up to Bromo’s peak! The magnificient Kawah Bromo! Way up high! As urban people who moved every now and then (except me, I went to gym class, hehehheh) most of us cought short of breath.  Ngosh ngosh…we stop every 5 steps I guess!
And off course, just like last year, my team won’t pass the change to take silly pictures! You can see the rest of them in my FB Profile . 😀
bromonya arif2
Had simple breakfast at Cemoro Lawang and hour and half later drove back to Malang.
This is my first visit to Malang. We stayed  at Kartika Graha (Jl. Jaksa Agung Supranto) a nice an-affordable (3 or 4?) -star- hotel!
After taking a bath (gee, we hadn’t had one for  the last 24 hours,bau bliket jadi 1 😀 !) , Widya and I fell to sleep until 4.30 pm!
Since it was my first visit  and I  only had a short time, I drag my butt away from room 806!
Five mins walk from the hotel, Widya and I stop by at one of Malang’s cullinary The Famous Pia Cap Mangkok! There were variety of its  flavor, I took CHEESE (ada rasa kopi, kacang hijau, duh apa lagi. ya…?)

Not only the famous PIA,  the store sells variety of snacks like the ones you’d probably see in Jl.Cihampelas Bandung.
We walk back  along the side to the famous, all time favorite Restauarant  “TOKO OEN” and old restaurant since 1930, I had Cheese Toast while Widya ask for Toko Oen Special Ice Cream.
People said, the ingridients of the ice cream had’t change since it was first made. Unlike nowdays ice cream, it didn’t taste “creamy”, more likely to Es Puter. Still, it is delicious!
Finished our snack at 5.30 pm but Magrib time already, Widya and I choose becak riding to take us back to hotel and it cost Rp 15.000…hadeh! it suppose to be half price of it!
At night we had dinner in Ringin Asri Restaurant, nothing special about this, then heading to Batu Night Spectaculer, a theme park 30 mins away from the city! If only I had my kiddos with me.*snif snif*
We went to Rumah Hantu and Lampion Garden only…

Back to Hotel at 11.00 pm sharp
Woke up late at 5.30 am, after I had my (late) shubuh prayer, I hired a becak to explore the city. Widya refused to come with me, and I don’t mind with my solitary trip.

I don’t take my (any) first visit for granted 😀

I only went to Tugu, the highlight/landmark  of the city. Located in front of Kantor  Walikota Malang and the famous Toegoe Hotel. Due to limitted time, I passed Und Cafe, a famous cafe in Hotel Toegoe.
and Jl. Ijen…a prestige neighborhood in Malang.
BB11Heading back to hotel, check out, our bus took us to Wisata Agro Kusuma Batu
You may chose tour packages which are varies from Rp 30.000 – Rp 50.000, (I forgot).
We hired a cart and the driver will act as a tour guide.
Inside Apple Garden, you can pick your own apple up to 2 pieces (owh, they have strawberry garden as well, but we found it too ordinary, so we skip this part).
They also have some animals, variety of birds, chickens, Lutung, Siamang, deers, which live in the cage. A (suppose to be) mini zoo.
Ha! My kiddos will love this!
anyway, you can read more about this place here.
Headed  to Warung Bamboo  Restarurant for lunch which offers nice dining as well as the  interior!
We do-like-a fish- therapy, a famous therapy that scattred in famous shopping malls in Jakarta. Man, those fishes are HUGE!!!!!

Had finished our lunch, headed  back to Surabaya, stop by at Toko Tanjung Sidoarjo to buy some kripiks, pecel, sambal terasi and (again) variety of foods. An hour later, we  stopped   at a restarant (again!!!!) but I didn’t recall its name then headed to Juanda..
I realized I LOST MY IPOD!!!! it might fell in the bus…arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..
but anyway, we are happy…!
And for Malang’s people…I fall in love with your city 🙂 A re-visit is a must!

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